Hello! I’m Naji El Mir (aka Nem.), a husband and a father of two adorable kids, Nour & Sary.
I’ve been practicing graphic design since 2005 in my modest studio in Montrouge (Paris suburbs). Before then, I was in Beirut, erratically and slowly progressing from childhood towards adulthood. I have a long list of things that I can do, long enough to make it sound boring… but I don’t know Kung Fu and I never watched any single Star Wars movie. Unlike Zuckerberg, I’m still  human, so I’ve failed sometimes in my graphic design journey, done some mistakes, but that didn’t keep me from learning and moving forward.

… yes, I do give workshops and lectures and I do host interns every year.

Feel free to call or drop me a line.

+33 (0)6 70 74 15 00


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