Inner Structures – Outer Rhythms: Contemporary Arab & Persian Graphic Design

Arabic Lettering and typography are central elements in Arab and Persian graphic design. The developments of late point to a division between fluid calligraphic designs and structured geometric patterns and compositions. Sometimes the two mix in intricate and unexpected ways, revealing complex and engaging rhythms. These two broad categories are used to chart regional trends, their link to cultural heritage and design education, and their evolution in our recent and highly mediated world.

The exhibition presents unique and exceptional regional design talent. Central to the exhibition are works that display innovative Arabic lettering and typography using a diversity of media, support and themes. The works address the themes: Visualizing Rhythm in Poetry and Music; Design and Lettering for Political Activism; Designing for Culture and the Arts; and Pushing the Boundaries of the Arabic Script. The exhibition features some key publications in the form of a reference reading room.

MCAD Main Gallery: Gallery Exhibition

September 2021.

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